Intelius is a consumer reporting agency that offers background checks, criminal record checks, and employee screenings. Generally these reports are used by potential employers to see if you are qualified for a job or promotion etc. They must have your written consent before getting your background check. If you have filled out a job application, there is generally a release section that you sign in order for them to request a background check.

You may have been informed that a background check or employee screening, that was issued by Intelius to a potential employer, contains negative information and you are no longer eligible for the job.

If a background check from Intelius was used against you and the information it contains is false, you have the right to dispute these errors and sue for damages.

Dispute Intelius False Background Checks

If your Intelius background check has inaccuracies, it is important that you dispute the errors right away. Damaging errors on an Intelius background check can be extremely harmful to your reputation and well being. When you cannot get a job due to their errors, you must take action to get it corrected.

Notify them in writing of the mistakes. If you are not sure how to start your dispute letter, we have a sample dispute letter that you can use. They will have 30 days to prove that the information they have is correct. If Intelius cannot prove the information they reported is correct, the negative information must be removed.

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If Intelius is still reporting mistakes on your background check that you have tried to get corrected, it is time to take legal action. Francis Mailman Soumilas, P.C.’s team of consumer protection lawyers are here to fight for you and get you any damages to which you are entitled. Fill out our quick form or call us now to get your free case review.

Intelius Contact Information

Address 500 108th Ave. NE, 25th Floor
City Bellevue
State Washington
Zip Code 98004
Phone 1 888-445-2727
Fax 425-974-6199

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