Fulton Friedman & Gullace LLP

Fulton Friedman and Gullace LLP is a debt collection agency based out of New York. They are best known for filing collection lawsuits against consumers in order to collect a debt. When dealing with Fulton Friedman & Gullace it is important that you know your rights and the protections set by the FDCA.

Being Sued or Harassed by Fulton Friedman & Gullace LLP

Is Fulton Friedman & Gullace LLP violating the FDCA (Fair Debt Collection Act) when they contact you? Have they mixed up your information and sent confusing debt information, are they charging fees that are over the amount of the original debt?

If you feel stressed and overwhelmed because of harassing calls or a lawsuit filed against you by Fulton Friedman & Gullace LLP, you are not alone. Francis Mailman Soumilas, P.C. are on your side and know how to handle these debt collectors so you can get your life back.

Why You Should Hire Francis Mailman Soumilas, P.C.?

The law firm of Francis Mailman Soumilas, P.C. is a dedicated team of consumer protection lawyers, that know exactly what to do on your behalf in order to fight harassment from credit collection agencies.

Contact Francis Mailman Soumilas, P.C. immediately at 877-735-8600, or fill out our form for a free case review. It is time to discuss your options.

Fulton Friedman & Gullace LLP Contact Information

Address 130 N. Central Avenue, #200
City Phoenix
State  Arizona
Zip Code 85004
Phone 602-254-3770
Address 28 E. Main Street, Ste 500
City Rochester
State New York
Zip Code 14614
Phone 1 866-869-2331
Phone 2 866-563-0809

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