First National Collection Bureau Inc.

What is the FNCB Inc Collection Agency?

First National Collection is one of many debt collection agencies whose efforts are to recover as much debt owed to a creditor as possible. Companies like First National will sometimes use whatever means they can to recover money lost or owed. There have been stories of debt collector representatives threatening the consumer, saying that they could be put in jail or lose their home, they have used abusive language, or called at all hours of the night. You need to understand that these are unethical practices and you should not be dealing with this if you are.

Although larger debt collection agencies like First National Collection are not set up as a scam, they could be partaking in unethical practices. As a consumer it is important to know your rights against these illegal actions and scams. If you feel like you are being harassed, you should contact a consumer rights attorney right away. As a team, you can start documenting all unethical instances and start to build a case against the offending debt collection company. Fight back against scammers and unethical debt collection agencies.

Is First National Collection harassing you about debt payments?

If you have been harassed by First National Collection Bureau, Inc., Francis Mailman Soumilas, P.C. is here to take your side against of offensive First National Collection Bureau, Inc. Handling First National Collection Bureau, Inc can be frightening. Nobody wants to get hostile calls and to be threatened by a collector.
Know your rights! Even if you do owe money, the debt collection companies must abide by a set of laws when contacting you. They cannot call at all hours of the night, they cannot intimidate or harass, they cannot threaten you and your livelihood, they cannot curse at you or call your job.

Fight Back Against the FNCB Inc Collection Agency

If FNCB’s debt collection is abusive, you have rights protecting you. You have the right to file a lawsuit against First National Collection Bureau if they violated your rights.. Harassment is a reason to contact an attorney today. Another reason is if a debt collection is contacting you as a mistake. False debts can be on your record because of many reasons. For example, you can be a victim of identity theft or mixing up your social security number.
Francis Mailman Soumilas, P.C. is here to assist you to know your legal rights. All debt collection agencies must treat you with respect and follow the rules set under the Fair Debt Collections Act.
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Contact Information for First National Collection Bureau

Address 1 3631 Warren Way
City Reno
State  Nevada
Zip Code 89509-5241
Address 2 610 Waltham Way
City Sparks
State Nevada
Zip Code 89434
Phone 1 775-322-0444
Phone 2 800-824-6191

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