Fidelity Information Corporation

Fidelity Information Corporation is a collection agency located in Los Angeles California. Fidelity Information Corporation is not a scam. They are a real collection agency.

If they are trying to collect a debt from you make sure you know your rights under the FDCPA. All debt collectors must follow the laws under the FDCPA, but many do not.

They may use harassment, intimidation or abuse in order to collect a debt. Wether you owe the debt or not, Fidelity Information Corp must follow the law.

Is Fidelity Information Corporation Harassing You?

Fidelity Information Corporation may use harassing tactics when trying to collect a debt. They may call you early in the morning or late at night, call your employer, or call you at work. Sometimes collection agencies will reach out to your family and friends. None of this is legal.

Their actions can cause serious stress and can harm your reputation. When you don’t owe the debt, or they are not giving you all of the correct information about the debt, it can make the whole process a nightmare. You do not have to put up with the stress and harassment from Fidelity Information Corporation.

When debt collectors violate your rights under the FDCPA you have the right to sue them for damages.

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Fidelity Information Corporation Contact Information

Address P.O. Box 49938
City Los Angele
State  California
Zip Code 90049-0938
Phone 1 310-573-9944
Phone 2 800-501-8085

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