Michael D. Dendy

Stop Harassment From Debt Collectors

Michael D. Dendy works on debt collection within DeLoney Law Group. Some debt collectors, like Michael D. Dendy, are hired by other businesses that are having difficulty collecting money from a debt that is owed. Debt collectors have been known to use harsh and abusive ways to obtain money before. However, you have rights protecting you from debt collection harassment.

Know Your Debt Collection Rights

Whether you owe debt or not, you do have rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act that prohibit companies from abusing consumers. Some of the rights that debt collectors often abuse include

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Contact Information for Michael D. Dendy / DeLoney Law Group

Address 6440 N. Central Expressway
City Dallas
State Texas
Zip Code 75206
Phone 214-741-7911
Fax 214-573-7970
Head Debt Collectors:
Christopher R. DeLoney – Texas Bar #24032126
William R. DeLoney – Texas Bar #00792455
Web www.deloneylawfirmgroup.com

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