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Did you know that debt collection agencies have rules and laws they must follow?  That’s right, there is a law called the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act that was enacted years ago to protect you, the consumer.  So what is it that the debt collection agencies cannot say or do when contacting and reaching out to you.  Here are just a few examples:

Use of Profanity

This is strictly prohibited.  The debt collection agencies and their employees must be professional when talking with you about your debt.

Threaten that you may get Arrested

Owing money to a creditor or lender is not a criminal offense and cannot result in an arrest.  A debt collection threatening that you could face jail time is a lie.


They cannot lie about the amount owed, creditor, their intentions and everything in between.  These debt collection agencies must be upfront and honest when discussing your debt and the situation at hand.

Share Your Information

These agencies cannot post or share your debt information publicly.

If any of the above has been the interaction between you and a debt collection agency or creditor, then you should know that you have rights as a consumer and as a debtor.  Know the laws that have been put in place and get a lawyer on your side immediately.  You could be eligible to file a lawsuit against the debt collection agency.  Call today to start the process.


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