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What to do if a Debt Collection Agency Violates the FDCPA laws

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) brings protection to consumer that have to deal with overly aggressive and sometimes abusive debt collection agencies and their agents. If you feel like a debt collector has violated you and your rights, then there are steps that you can take to fight back against them. You have rights.

If the debt collection agency goes too far, you can sue them and even report them to government agencies.

Curious what laws these agencies must follow?

Learn the details of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act here. All debt collectors must follow these rules when contacting you about debt that is owed. If they choice to use unethical practices when speaking to you, they could be subject to a lawsuit.


Lawsuits Against Debt Collection Agencies

Check out some of these horrible encounters with some debt collection agencies that have used very questionable actions when dealing with consumers.

You do not have to take the harassment. Yes, you may owe debt- but this does not give the companies that control your debt the right to abuse and lie to you.

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