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Why is Civil Claims Asset Investigative Services Contacting Me?

It is most likely that Civil Claims Asset Investigative Services is calling you because you owe money to a creditor or lender that is either working through Civil Claims Asset Investigative Services or sold your debt directly to them for a lower price. Either way, Civil Claims Asset Investigative Services will continue to contact you until the money that you owe is paid off.

These debt collection companies specialize is recovering the debt that consumers owe.

What is Civil Claims Asset Investigative Services Prohibited from doing?

Often times, these debt collection companies uses questionable and often illegal acts to get you to pay up. Fortunately, there are laws in place that protect against these types of practices. This gives you the opportunity to fight back against these unethical companies and their practices.

One such law is the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, which was written to protect consumers from these abusive tactics used bay debt collection agencies.


So what is prohibited?

Calling over and over
Using foul and abusive language
Calling before eight in the morning and after nine at night
Lying and threatening the consumer.

Actions You Can Take if the Laws are Violated

You are able to get a lawyer on your side and fight back against these abuses. By hiring an attorney, these attorneys are no longer allowed to contact you directly.

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