CACV of Colorado and CACH, LLC Collection Agency

Is CACV or CACH, LLC a Scam?

CACV of Colorado is also known as CACH LLC and Collect America or SquareTwo Financial. They are a real collections agency that has contacted you in order to collect a debt. How they handle the collection of that debt will determine wether or not they use scam-like tactics. The laws under the FDCPA are your protection from harassment, scams, and intimidation that are commonly used collections practices.

Is CACV or CACH, LLC Harassing You?

If you are being harassed by CACV of Colorado, CACH LLC or any other debt collection agency, you have the right to sue them for damages. Collections harassment is a serious violation of your rights as a consumer, and you do not have to put up with it. If you have been trying to dispute a debt, or trying to settle but they keep calling for more and more money, calling at odd times, or calling your family members, it is time to contact a consumer protection lawyer.

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By getting an attorney on your side, you are:

CACV aka CACH, LLC Contact Information

Address 4500 Cherry Creek Drive S, Ste #700
City Denver
State Colorado
Zip  Code 80246

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