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Are you being harassed by the Bennett and DeLoney, PC team?  Getting multiple calls throughout the days that are disturbing your day-to-day activities?  You may want to contact a team of lawyers that have dealt with cases fighting back against debt collection agencies like Bennett and Deloney, PC.  Francis Mailman Soumilas, P.C., and their entire team, has experience in helping consumers in all aspects of their rights.

If you have errors on your credit report, background checks or employment screenings that are causing major issues- we can help clean these up and also potential sue the credit bureaus for any damages incurred.  If debt collectors have been abusing their powers by lying to you about debt that you owe, threatening you in many aspects or even harassing you?  Then call our team today for a free consult to go over any notes you may have made and determine if you are owed for any and all violations made.

Get the help you deserve if you are dealing with harassing debt collectors.


Here is a recent case between a debt collector and a consumer.

Cases Against Bennett & DeLoney, PC.

Brumbelow v. Law Offıces of Bennett & Deloney, P.C., 372
F. Supp. 2d 615 (D. Utah 2005). Debt collector may have misled consumers regarding the amount of fees owed to the defendant. The debt collector requested payment for a settlement fee, and this is not permitted by the statute.

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