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How to Recognize Debt Collector Abuse

A debt collection agency can contact you by mail, fax, phone, telegram and in person.  They cannot advertise your debt publicly which means they cannot send a postcard to you regarding the debt you owe.  Most debt collection practice today happen over the phone.

After the first contact with you, they need to send you a notice of your debt.  It is your right to see the amount owed in righting as well as be able to dispute any debt they claim that you owe.

These collection agencies and their representative cannot call you during times of the day that are inconvenient to you.  These hours have been set as prior to 8am and after 9pm.  They also cannot call you repeatedly with the attempt to annoy and harass.  There is no set limit of times that they can call you so it is really up to interpretation.  Also, debt collection agencies in most case will call more than once.  But it is safe to say that 5 or more call in a day is too much and is likely illegal.

If you are represented by an attorney, the debt collector can no longer contact you directly.  Call Francis Mailman Soumilas, P.C. today to make the calls stop.  We can work with the debt collector and then relay any messages to you.  No need to deal with their harassment any more.

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