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Stop Harassment from Debt Collectors like AMO Recoveries

Having debt can be a stressful endeavor. Of course we all mean to be able to pay off bills, but sometimes that does not always happen. There are many reasons for this- loss of job, medical issues, unforeseen expenses and so much more.

No one plans to be in debt to the extent that debt collection companies are calling. It’s not fun.

Dealing with Debt Collection Companies

Seeing a collection company on your caller id can send shivers down your spine. But know that these companies are just doing their job- recovering payments owed. Collection companies are hired by companies who are having problems receiving payments from their consumers.

There are hundreds of debt collection companies nationwide, which is why it was so important for a law to be established to regulate their actions.

Fair Debt Collections Practices Act

You should know that these debt collection agencies have to follow certain standards already put into law. This law makes sure that the practices that these companies follow do not harass or force abusive tactics on the consumer when reaching out to get the money they are trying to get. If you feel as if you are being attacked, you need to reach out to Francis Mailman Soumilas, P.C. immediately.

877-735-8600- Call us today to get the calls to stop. If we find any of the laws have been violated, you may be able to sue them and we can help.

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