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There are so many debt collection agencies that use heinous behaviors in the attempt to recover debts owed by debtors.  In fact debt collectors are likely in the top of most loathed workers because of their reputation.  It seems as though they go to whatever lengths necessary in order to collect the debt owed.  Check out some of these absolute horror stories in which debtors have encountered when dealing with a debt collection agency.

Protecting Consumers

There is protection from these unethical debt collection agencies (note that not all debt collections use these abusive behaviors).  The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act protect consumers from unlawful actions that some debt collection agencies use.

If you have had to deal with these practices, you can take action- even sue them.  Get an attorney immediate and you can stop the calls.  As soon as you have Francis Mailman Soumilas, P.C. on your side, all calls and contact must come to us and we will relay any necessary communication to you.

Know your rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.  Read the act here and find out exactly what these agency’s representatives can and cannot do when contacting you.  You have rights even though you may owe money.  Know that you can get our team on your side as well- we are ready to help.

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