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Is a debt collector harassing you?  Calling you over and over?  Threatening you?  Using abrasive language?

You should know that you have the right to tell the debt collection agencies to stop contacting you, it is best to do so in writing. Once you do this the debt collector cannot contact you again unless they are calling to tell you that they no longer need to contact you, or to call to inform you that the creditor is taking other legal action.

But you should know that having the debt collector cease communication, doesn’t mean that the creditor cannot file a lawsuit against you.  They could go that route to get the money owed.  They could also file a negative report against you to the Consumer Reporting Agency.  This report could affect your credit report and hence your credit score.

Negative Credit Reports

Have negative items on your report can affect so many things in your life- interest rates, loan approvals, residency, employment, and much more.  If possible try to avoid any negative additions to your credit report as it will cause many issues later on.


Contacting an Attorney

You can contact Francis Mailman Soumilas, P.C. at 877-735-8600.  We are ready to help you deal with abusive debt collectors and can also work with you to clean up your credit report.  We can also discuss with you the possibility of filing a lawsuit against the debt collection agency– you could earn $1,000 per violation they have made.  Call today.

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