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Have you received harassing calls from Account Solutions Group?

Account Solutions Group is a debt collection agency that is also known as FirstSource Advantage.
If you are dealing with debt collectors, you know that they can be annoying.  They are trying to get payment for bills owed, so we know that it is not a fun call.  But despite the reason for calling, they are supposed to follow the law under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

Stop Debt Collection Harassment

This federal law was put in place to protect consumers from being needlessly harassed by collectors. When you first get a call from a debt collector it is your right to request verification of the debt owed. This is to determine if you even owe that amount. In some cases, you may be a victim of identity theft, where someone using your name may have racked up debt. If this is the case you can request a dispute.

Even if you debt is verified, the collection representatives must still follow certain standards and are prohibited from using harassing tactics.

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